Petter Olav Fjellheim (born. 1943)
CEO and M.Sc. Physical Metallurgy at P.F. Materials Consult

Fjellheim has 9 years experience from Steel Foundry, Raufoss and has worked as a Foundry Metallurgist and later as Foundry R&D manager. Fjellheim has further 2 years experience as a Metallurgist in the Defence Division at Raufoss with various development projects. Fjellheim also has 25 years experience from various positions and projects within Statoil ASA, over the last years with focus on systematic approach for maintenance and operational efficiency of installations.
Today Fjellheim is working as a consultant specialist in metallic materials through his own company P. F. Materials Consult in Trondheim. At the time (2011) he is working with Maintenance and Modification contracts for Statoil through Reinertsen AS. He is also working with large scale cast iron for SWAY Turbine AS and various special assignments for Titanium Engineers in the USA.

Relevant experience

2000 - 2010

Responsible for all Metallic Material related questions for Heidrun TLP and Norne FPSO within Statoil Operation Division in Stjrdal.

Project manager for development and execution of method for rubber coating of export risers in splash zone offshore Heidrun TLP during full production.
Has been working part time for many years with qualifying of manufacturers of special materials, Norsok M-650.

Special attention for forgings and castings of duplex stainless steels and titanium castings. Participated in construction of Kristin Semi, mainly with verifications and technical surveyance.

Responsible for development and implementation of ROV based system for external ultrasonic inspection of all girth welds on the tension legs on Heidrun TLP.


Troll Oil II

Heidrun Plateau Project

Titanium export riser for sgard B

sgard A FPSO

JIP driven by participants from the offshore industry and SINTEF together with


Sleipner GBS

Coflexip France Gullfax A



M.Sc. Physical Metallurgy, Norwegian Institute of Technology, Trondheim

  • Heat Treatment of Steel and Aluminium
  • Welding Technology
  • Foundry Technology
  • Materials deformation, forging, rolling
  • General metallurgical principles and laboratory work



German (basic)


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