Dag Arnfinn Nilsen (born 1966)
CEO Cerum AS

Nilsen provides the board with valuable knowledge from his experience within both business leadership, business development and from both the weld-industry and the software industry.

Nilsen started as a welder back in 1984 but in 1989 he graduated as a welding engineer. In 1993 he graduated as a Civil Engineer in Information Technology at the University in Troms, Norway. In 2000 he started as the head of IT at Unitek where the combination of welding expertise and software development was the main focus. In 2003 he advanced to CEO.

In 2007 Unitek fusioned with Cerum AS and Nilsen became the CEO.

Cerum is a web-based software company that has developed a lot of the functionality within Weld Services systems and tools.

Relevant Experience:

2007 - present

Cerum AS - CEO

Cerum AS is a web-based developer of Information and Communication Technology tailored for telecom, documentation and welding industry particularly aimed at offshore.

2003 - 2006

CEO Unitek AS - project manager EW-Industry

  • System development of web-based tools for the welding and workshop industry.

2000 - 2003

Unitek AS - Head of IT - project manager EW-Industry



Civil Engineer, Information Technology

Welding Engineer

Sheet metal worker / Welder


Bard and administration (2005)

Project management(2001)

Organisation and management(2000)

Safety for Ship and Offshore, part I and part III




Other board positions

Chairman, Arctic Partner

Board Member, kompetanse Holding AS

Board Member Artic Production

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